My Unpopular Opinions Regarding the LGBT

So I’m going to step on some toes here. I am prepared to have people on the left and right disagree with what I am about to say- but I really feel pressed by the Holy Spirit to share my unpopular opinions.

Sexual sin is sexual sin, regardless of whom it is committed with.

I guess I should confront the elephant in the room and start out by saying this IS a post centered on MY biblical interpretations and studies, and I will pull all of my references from the New Testament, mainly the book of Romans.

I do not think that it is biblically correct to pursue certain desires of the heart. (Matthew 15:19, Mark 7:21, Colossians 3:5) By certain desires I do indeed mean homosexuality, transgender identity, and bisexuality. NOW: I equally do not agree with “desires of the heart” such as sexual immorality, lust, and adultery between MAN AND WOMAN. Sexual sin is sexual sin, regardless of whom it is committed with. So before anyone points a finger at me, I am not singling out the homosexuals or any other member of the LGBT. I am instead, pointing out to Christians (and anyone else who does not realize) that being a homosexual is no different than a man and woman living together, with an active sex life, who are not married. Or not living together, but having a lustful sexual connection, without the sacred bond of marriage. Or being married, and lusting after another man or woman outside of your marriage, seeking or welcoming that additional attention, betraying that holy covenant.

As a millennial I have been through school with so many people that “came out” at a young age. Encouraged to embrace their true identity, if you will. I don’t remember a single time when their sexual preference changed who they were as a person, in my mind. I also have family members who are gay, some married and some not. A close friend to my husband is a transgender female-to-male, and can I tell you that this individual probably cares more about my family than most of his other friends? I don’t mean the “hey man how’s the fam” kind of caring, I mean the “show me the pictures and videos of your kids opening their Christmas presents, and ask Taya what she thinks of this tie” kind of caring.

You see, growing up in my generation it is normal to see the gender transitions and the same sex couples. It is also normal to see sex before marriage, families started without marriage, marriages broken due to affairs, etc. Heck, my mom and step-dad were living together long before they were married. You know what? They don’t act any different now that they’re married, my step-dad didn’t magically act like a good dad the day after “I do”. He loved us kids as his own long before marrying my mom, he made my mom valued, cherished and happy long before sharing a last name, BUT biblically they were living each day in sin. Now I don’t know about you, but I feel the same talking to a male friend sexually interested in another man as I do about my female friend living with her male boyfriend before being married. I do not think either are “right”, and I do think they are both a form of sexual sin.

A form of sin… hm. Here must be where some people get a little twisted. You see, it is not my job as a believer in Christ to judge any other human apart from myself. I get stressed out thinking about folding the laundry and cooking dinner and bathing the kids, I don’t need or want the stress of telling another person that what they’re doing is or isn’t going to send them to heaven or hell! That’s not my job! BUT I’ll tell you what my job is: my job is to share what I know to be true, to encourage those I encounter to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and above all else, my job is to love.

Love. Love the man loving a man. Love the woman loving a woman. Love the woman who became a man. Love the man and woman living together with no intention of being married. Love them until they’re sick of you! I once read a great quote, in Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson “you can cut me into a thousand pieces and lay me out in the street, and every piece will still love you”. Now that, that is a genuine and pure love. None of that “well the Bible says to love so I love you” nonsense. I mean really truly loving a person, even when you don’t understand certain parts of their heart. Because it’s again, not our job to understand all the parts of their heart and mind, but God knows their heart. He knows the why behind the actions and feelings. More than they even do.

So where is this coming from? Why would I stand here and put myself out there for people to take what I say the wrong way or twist it around and make me sound mean or harsh? It’s not to start an argument, it’s to simply say: regardless of your sexual preference, orientation, or gender, I love you, and Jesus loves you. I love how talented you are at writing and at playing instruments and how big your heart is for family and I love that you have goals set your future and I love that you are alive!

I don’t love certain things that you do, things that you think everyone should accept because HELLO it’s 2017! I felt inspired to write this post before I had a specific bible verse(s) in mind for the backbone of my viewpoint, but once my heart felt the need to write this, I started digging. Romans 1:24-27 (reading the full chapter and maybe even book will give you more perspective on the verses i secluded for the sake of reference) this passage clearly states that it is wrong to give into sexually immoral desires. It calls out homosexuality. Later in the New Testament we see adultery called out and finally in 1 Corinthians 6:18 we see sexual sins grouped together and separated from all others, such as drunkenness, gossiping and lying.

So, as a 24 year old woman who loves Jesus, I can safely say that I have both conservative and liberal friends who will read this and disagree with what I have said. I really want to remind you that this is not me casting stones, I’m not judging anyone. I am simply saying that while I don’t think being a homosexual, bisexual or transgender is “right”, while I don’t agree with the lifestyle the LGBT lives and promotes, I also don’t think that couples of opposite sex get a free pass in the “sexual sins” category. I think that a lot of Christians will interpret the Bible in their own way, and some may not get the same thing I do out of it. Some may read the book of Romans and other passages throughout the Gospels and Revelations and still think it’s fine to just love who you love and have sex when you want. But I do not think that is how it should be read or taught. I think it’s important to take what we believe to be true, to share it in a kind and respectful way, and regardless of how the person on the receiving end takes it, to still love them the same way Jesus would love them, and to let God be the judge.


The Noble Life.

3 thoughts on “My Unpopular Opinions Regarding the LGBT”

  1. Taya,

    I think you’ve found a way to explain your beliefs in a positive way.. with the main message being it’s not our job to judge but simply to love. In a world full of chaos, that’s something everyone could use more of!

    Liked by 1 person

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