Candy Free Easter Baskets


Happy Easter everyone! As my kids are napping from their so far very busy day, I thought I’d touch base with my readers! As you will soon discover about me, I TRY to be a health nut. I try and succeed some weeks and I try and fail others… you know, when those Oreos are injected with temptation?! Seriously though, I try to be as cautious as possible about what goes in and on my kids body, so I wanted to share some of my pointers! When we do have candy my favorite brand thus far is YumEarth Organic Fruit Pops/ Gummies. I find them at Target or my local health food store.

For my daughter, who is almost four (God help me): Lipstick is her thing lately! I got her a light pink tinted lip balm of her own so she can feel dolled up without being too drastic. Other fillers included heatless hair rollers, a various assortment of hair bows and rubber bands, neon pink nail polish, two packs of fun and springy socks, plastic whistles, and a neutral pair of canvas shoes. Instead of using an easter basket I used a collapsible cube basket that will be reused in her bedroom for storage!

For my son, who just turned two: he’s currently into all things batman, ninja turtles and basketball. I found a large basketball pillow, score! His cube basket also included a weather appropriate pair of batman pajamas, minions plastic snack containers, Leonardo bubbles, ninja turtle and sports themed socks, a batman outdoor play ball (not featured in the picture above), and bathtub zoo animal toys! The zoo toys are an extra bonus for us because we’re still working on learning the animals and what sounds they make!

Socks tend to go missing after a few wears in my house so I did cheat and include what I was already buying in their baskets, but still it’s a good filler! (Mom tip: if you have kids close in age buy gender neutral socks. I usually buy large packs of solid white and the kids share, at least for now while their feet are close in size) My son was a little jealous that he didn’t get any chapstick of his own and my daughter is already claiming that she will “help” her brother with the bubbles… but we had a great morning with these baskets! I got everything last minute at Walmart (I almost never go there, but it was late and I figured they would have the most to choose from).

Next year I’ll be sure to even it out a little bit more; but I hope this helps you see the fun alternatives to chocolate and jelly beans! Some go-to items not featured in my baskets: •chalk •finger/ water paint •books •coloring books •puzzles •bath loofah •DVD’s •Fun cups/ silverwear •travel tissue •age appropriate jewelry

Happy Easter! Today is about celebrating the life of Jesus, let us honor him by respecting the life he died and rose again for!

Xoxo, The Noble Life

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